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  • No meeting next week! Good luck on finals!

  • Turn in consent forms (Due Oct. 14th)

  • Finalize teams and report to Mr. Shuping

  • Check name list for club pictures (Due Oct. 5th)

What is CyberPatriot?:

CyberPatriot is a national computer security competition hosted by the Air Force Association that focuses on the security and maintenance procedures required to make a modern computer network safe, secure, and viable for businesses to effectively use. Teams across the nation from various high schools will compete in time based competitions to secure operating systems on the Linux, Windows, and Windows Server platforms over the course of one year. For more information about the specifics of the competition, visit

CyberPatriot Competition:

Each round of CyberPatriot lasts up to 6 hours, during which teams are responsible for securing virtual Linux and Windows operating systems along with completing a Cisco Networking challenge.

CyberPatriot-XIV Schedule:

Please refer to the calendar below to see where we are at.


  • Meeting dates:

    • Thursday, October 14th @ HF-3 @ 3:15 PM

  • Typically held every Thursday, unless otherwise stated or during finals week.


  • Mahmood Ikram, Club President (12th Grade)

  • Jason Huang, Vice President (11th Grade)

  • David Xiao, Vice President (10th Grade)

  • Pratham Rangwala, Vice President (9th Grade)

  • Mr. Chris Shuping, Club Advisor

CyberPatriot-XIII Promotional Video:

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